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Just an Update #1
Posted on 6:52 am 08/19/2020
Hello fellow members and new members,

I have made some changes to GPT-View as you may have noticed, so what are they?

#1 - Moved insite Advertisements above main content for better quality advertising as they will be more visible.
#2 - Added a new sponsor page within our surf feature so our advertisers will get there advertisements seen during surf.
#3 - Premium members now earn $0.15 CPM during surf and standards will stay on $0.10 CPM for surf.

Coming Soon:
Our insite advertising such as Banners, Featured Banners & Featured Text Ads will be added to our Quality Paid to Promote feature in a non intrusive manner with an option to close advertisements. Quality PTP is only viewed on other PTC & Traffic Exchanges for the most quality views.

May raise some advertising prices accordingly in the coming days.

Regards Admin.
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Re: Just an Update #2
Posted on 4:58 am 08/20/2020
Added a few more 3rd party advertisements for Revenue on GPT-View, hopefully there not to much for you guys.
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