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Some Updates #1
Posted on 4:29 am 01/07/2020
Hey guys here is another update on GPT-View.

1. AutoSurf
We have a new autosurf feature, you can run this in the background and earn unlimited ASP "AutoSurfPoints" 1 ASP is worth $0.0005. Check it out now have a go and give me some feedback.

2. Deposit Bonus
We now have a unique deposit bonus feature, once you accrue over $5 or more worth of deposits into your purchase balance you can claim a bonus of 12.5% - 100% of your total deposits. This is a premium only feature. Once you do claim it resets and counts again once you deposit after you claim and so on. If you are a premium member you will see this link in your DashBoard when you first login.

3. Freebies
This feature was available to all members but now is only accessible by premium members only, just another perk of being a premium member.

4. Paid to Promote
Some changes have been made standard members can earn up to $0.05 CPM full rate and a default of $0.01 if no ptp ads are available. Premium members will earn double at $0.10 CPM full rate and $0.02 Default rate when no ads are available.

5. Premium
We only offer 1 premium upgrade now which costs $10 for one year, we have dropped all other memberships except "Freebies Upgrade" which you get when you first signup for 1 month to experience premium features and hopefully encourages you to stay a premium member.

6. Site Performance
You may experience GPT-View a little bit slow at times but not for long, we do have processes running in the background for a certain amount of time per day. This helps us generate revenue for GPT-View hopefully you guys understand and still stay with us as we make this website one of the greats.

We will try to make some more unique features to be different from the rest and bring you members some new exciting new things to experience here.

We want all members to earn and we will be always be 100% free to earn and withdraw funds with no investments required, but we have to make premium benefits alot more attractive.

Enjoy GPT-View & Stay with us!
Stay Active & Make Money!

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