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Contest Updates #1
Posted on 11:22 pm 11/17/2019
Hi members,

I have updated current contests and removed referral contest so whats new and how do these contests work.

I had to modify contests to be sustainable for GPT-View, it seems this industry is alot slower then it use to be and activityis pretty low for 200 members that we do have. So to make it more stable in a way we had to make prizes determined on members activity within them.

I have removed our daily activity contest and created a new one its called "Monthly PTC - Offers Contest" it counts both ptc views and offers completed within the month. Prizes are paid to top 10 members with the most views and offers completed multiplied by a base rate of 0.0001.

Example: John Doe completed 4,000 total ad views + offers and came first his prize would be, 4000x0.0001 = $0.40 prize.

Premium Members earn a multiplier x2 which John Doe would earn $0.80 instead of $0.40.

Paid to promote is set up the same how prizes are paid.

10,000 ptp hits = $1.00 / if upgraded member you would earn $2.00 for the prize.

I know these prizes are alot lower then before but it is necessary for sustainability.

So check out our new contests page with the updates and hope you guys all participate.


Regards Admin.
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Re: Contest Updates #2
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Posted on 8:33 am 11/19/2019
Very Nice!

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