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Paid to Promote - Update! #1
Posted on 5:51 am 10/10/2019
Update on Paid to Promote.

1. Removed Basic PTP Link.
2. Only Quality PTP is available with minimum of 10 seconds required.
3. Updated PTP Tiers List and pays on Paid to Promote page under information.
4. Daily logs available to view
5. Over all Statistics on websites you promote at.

Remember guys you can promote anywhere only minimum 10 seconds required and must be referred from a domain. Paid to Click website or Traffic Exchange websites preferred for best results.

Tier 1 pays - $0.10 CPM
Tier 2 pays - $0.075 CPM
Tier 3 pays - $0.05 CPM
Tier 4 pays - $0.025 CPM
Rest of the world pays $0.01 CPM

Paid to promote is tracked and monitored please do not try send fake traffic/hits to your unique Paid to Promote link. This can result in you being banned from GPT-View Paid to Promote Feature or Website.

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