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Updates #1
Posted on 5:08 am 10/10/2020
Hello guys,

So as you may have noticed GPT-View is now Black Listed from Rotate4all i am so disappointed but it is my own fault for not manually approving all advertisements in areas Rotate4all does not accept, such as AutoSurf - PTP etc... all not is lost we are still great way to get cheap budget exposure for you own ref links, websites or products you wish to sell..

Also guys im sorry about the issue lately with the not allowed to access this domain issue, hopefully it is now sorted now i enables ssl seems to be alot better then before but let me know if you guys are still getting this issue.
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Re: Updates #2
Posted on 1:30 pm 10/10/2020
it's ok... keep going !! no matter what
Re: Updates #3
Posted on 2:26 pm 10/10/2020
Ok thanks for the info!
Re: Updates #4
Posted on 9:21 pm 10/11/2020
It's sad that this happened to the Rotate4all. I hope this doesn't affect to your fighting spirit. By the way, several top sites were included in the black list of the Rotate4all. So this is not your fault. Most likely, the Rotate4all admin decided to "let off steam from the boiler" so that the "machine" would not "explode". And thanks for the updates. The site now works better.
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Re: Updates #5
Posted on 10:47 pm 10/11/2020
Yeah i did notice that to as Rotate4all is my main website i earn from. It does suck but life goes on and i will never let it interrupt on what i am trying to achieve with this website.
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Re: Updates #6
Posted on 4:57 pm 10/12/2020
All the good sites to generate traffic, rotate4all is blacklisting them.

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